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Rail Coping Sled


5" x 1-1/4"

Smooth-running phenolic resin sled ensures perfectly square coped rail ends with virtually zero tear-out. Transparent guide runs along the fence 51mm (2) above the table, to enable compatibility with most router table fences and prevent cutting into the sled. Firmly clamps rails while using router to match stiles. Sacrificial block is easily replaceable to accommodate different profiles. Maximum workpiece dimensions are W x D: 127 x 32 D mm (5 x 1-1/4).

Weight2.2 kg
Dimensions0.42 × 0.21 × 0.05 m
Feature 1

Smooth, sturdy phenolic resin base

Feature 2

Gliding transparent fence-mounted guide

Feature 3

Ideal for cutting coping rails using stiles

Feature 4

Replaceable sacrificial block

Feature 5

Maximum workpiece size W x D: 127 x 32mm (5 x 1-1/4)


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